The St. Joseph Writers Guild has had a long history in St. Joseph, Missouri. Prior to the 1950s, creative writers were a part of the St. Joseph Art League. They shared their passion for the arts with many who pioneered the arts movement in the city. There were renowned names in the group, such as Wall, Geiger, Herzog, Tootle, Kirkpatrick, Welch, and Wyeth. The roster read like a “who’s who” of modern elite St. Joseph society.

In the 1950’s, the writers guild was a branch of the National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW) in Washington, D.C. We made a name for ourselves by hosting local, state, and regional meetings in St. Joseph. Two of our writers served as president of the Missouri chapter. Many of our chapter members received notable awards for their writing.

In 1979, the St. Joseph branch disbanded from the NLAPW in order to join an organization with a base that was closer to home, the Missouri Writers Guild. Many of our local members served as state board members, held state offices, and accumulated numerous awards over the years for their writing skills.

Today the St. Joseph Writers Guild has a heart for writing and for writers. We encourage anyone who writers or loves words, to seek us out. We respect all people; all are welcome, from every creed, social standing, and even age. We have had members from 11 to 90+ since writing knows no limits or boundaries.