We had a great turnout for our meeting this month. Our guest speaker, Dr. Robert Vartabedian, discussed the major types of writing he has worked on in his career. He shared with us his passion for writing plays and how he created the the trilogy “And That’s The Way It Is” comprised of the three plays “Harry and Walter: Missouri’s Native Sons”, “King and Cronkite”, and “Cronkite”.  It was an honor to have him with us.

The rest of the meeting went well. We discussed how many books to get of our anthology, “Totality: Seeing the Dark”, for the eclipse event. Our group will be downtown by the Pony Express Museum selling these and our other group member’s books August 19th-21st. We will have more information on our Facebook page about times during these dates soon. If you would like to order one now, you can get one online here .  Members can purchase them through the guild by emailing stjosephwriters@gmail.com or Facebook messenger.

Since the eclipse event falls during the Saturday we normally have our meetings (and it’s just a crazy weekend anyway), the group has decided to NOT have a meeting in August. We will make sure that information is also posted on our Facebook page. The next meeting will be September 16th at 1 p.m. at the Rolling Hills Library.

If you or someone you know would like to come to our meetings, please feel free to join us anytime. We are open to all ages and love meeting new people who love words just as much as we do. Be our guest to email us or reach out to us one Facebook if you need any other information.

Samantha (President)





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